Oil Shale Tenements

Queensland is gearing up to begin to develop a shale oil industry. In a Department of Natural Resources and Mines report earlier this year it was stated: “Queensland currently has around 90 per cent of Australia’s known oil shale resources which is equivalent to approximately 22 billion barrels of oil. The Queensland Government recognises the strategic importance of oil shale in contributing to energy security. As such, the new oil shale policy encourages private sector research and investment in high quality oil shale extraction technologies. Development of a well managed oil shale industry will help Queensland position itself as a technology leader in the sustainable development of a nationally and globally important new industry.” Trinity Professionals is marketing a suite of tenements prospective for oil shale. For more information download our brochures 01 Oil Shale Tenement, 02 Oil Shale Tenement and 03 Oil Shale Tenement or contact us.

Gas pipes

Long term gas supply

An exploration company in Queensland is offering 2 TCF of onshore gas reserve potential and a long term supply contract for the gas. See the attached pdf brochure for details or contact us.


Surat gasSynthetic Natural Gas Potential

A Queensland exploration company plans to exploit the SNG potential of a large Exploration Permit for Coal in the Surat Basin with the potential for underground coal gasification. This tenement has a thermal coal potential of 785,000,000 tonnes lying within the Jurassic age upper and lower Juandah Coal Measures, Walloon Coal sub group, and part of the Injune Formation. The drill target potential of this tenement is 156 Mt of sub bituminous thermal coal, with a synthetic natural gas potential of 7,065 PJ. See the attached pdf brochure for details or contact us.

OIlHigh Potential Oil Exploration

An Australian resource company with a large highly prospective oil tenement in the Western Flank Oil Fairway of the Cooper Basin, is looking for Investment, a JV or Farm in to bring their tenement to production. See the attached pdf brochure, 20 High Potential Oil Exploration  for details or contact us.