Innovative Technology


Oil Shale Technology

A more efficient, environmentally clean, newly patented technology.

Most of the many technologies currently in use to extract the hydrocarbons from oil shale use some kind of retorting method, which tends to produce significant levels of environmental pollution.

Over the last 15 years an environmental scientist has been researching more efficient and more environmentally clean ways to extract these hydrocarbons. Some years ago he presented his research at the Oil Shale Symposium at the Colorado School of Mines.

Since then he has done extensive laboratory testing, and has now patented his technology which has the capability to produce almost double the quantity of hydrocarbons per tonne of oil shale than with most other technologies. At the same time this technology does not produce any environmentally hazardous waste.

A presentation of this clean technology has already been made to the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Trinity Professionals has been contracted to represent this company to raise the finance for a pilot plant to be built in Queensland. The investor would own equity in the commercialisation of the technology. For more information download our brochure, Investment in Shale Oil Technology or contact us.

NickelLaterite01Nickel Laterite Processing Technology

An Australian company is seeking a partner to commercialise an innovative new technology for extracting nickel from nickel laterites. The inventors employed the services of one of Australia’s leading independent laboratories to complete detailed bench-top analyses on the effectiveness of their system. The results confirmed their early experimental work and so they funded a six-month pilot programme on a much larger scale. When that also proved successful they applied for patents in Australia and overseas. Now they are seeking a partner to enable them to commercialise this technology.  For more information download our brochure, 04 Nickel Laterite Processing Technology or contact us.

ureaUrea Production

An Australian company is gearing up to multiply Australia’s urea production using innovative technology to access Queensland’s vast deep coal resources. See the attached pdf brochure for details or contact us.