Gold1Szd  Greenvale Gold

Gold Mining Investment Opportunity in the Famous Greenvale Goldfields in North Queensland. For more information download our brochure 02 Greenvale Gold or contact us.



Cairns Gold-Antimony Investment Opportunity

Trinity Marketing Professionals is pleased to announce a Mining Investment Opportunity for Gold and Antimony in Northern Queensland. For more information download our brochure 03 Cairns Gold Antimony or contact us.

GoldGold investment opportunity

Gold mining has not stopped in the Golden Triangle in Victoria. An exploration company is looking for a partner to extract gold from a highly prospective tenement in the Golden Triangle.  For more information download our brochure 01 Gold Investment opportunity or contact us.


Gympie Goldfields Investment Opportunity

We are pleased to announce a Mining Investment Opportunity in the gold-rich Gympie Goldfields For more information download our brochure 04 Gympie Gold or contact us.



Topaz, Tungsten and Bismuth Lease

The New South Wales government has granted an exploration lease covering an area of 35 sq km to an exploration company which has now completed a full feasibility study, and is ready to move to the next step in preparing for mining. For more information download our brochure Tungsten and Bismuth or contact us.


Gold and Other Minerals

The Queensland government has granted a 3,640ha Exploration Permit for Minerals in the renowned Drummond Basin Mineral Province south of Charters Towers in North Queensland. For more information download our pdf brochure or contact us.


Tin Mine for Sale

This mine includes a treatment plant with a feed bin of about 50 cubic metres capacity. The output of the treatment plant produces a salable grade of +70% Sn. For more information download our pdf brochure or contact us.


Limestone Mining Lease

This mining lease is located 28 kms west of Archer Point in north Queensland. The owners of this mining lease are looking to make an outright sale of this valuable resource. For more information download our pdf brochure or contact us.


Magnetite (Iron Ore) Mining

Four companies with nearby tenements in a magnetite rich area of Queensland have joined together to exploit an estimated billion tonnes of DSO, with an estimated 300 MT of magnetite. For more information download our pdf brochure or contact us.

Phosphate_PotashPhosphate and Potash

The Northern Territory in Australia is rich in mineral resources, including phosphates and potash. Of a total demonstrated resource of 1390Mt of phosphates, 89% occurs in the Georgina Basin. The Amadeus Basin is a large, significantly under-explored basin that covers about 170,000 km2 in central Australia. Within the Amadeus basin there is significant potential for potash resources within brines associated with salt lakes as well as in evaporitic deposits. For example, the Karinga Creek potash project, approximately 200–300 km southwest of Alice Springs, contains hundreds of salt lakes that contain brines enriched in salts containing potassium, magnesium and sulfate. The November 2012 resource estimate at Karinga Creek was 5.5 Mt of SOP (K2SO4), which equates to a maximum schoenite resource of 13 Mt. For more information contact us.


The Weipa area in North Queensland has been mined for bauxite since the early 1960s by Comalco. Mining operations in this area currently produce 16.5 Mtpa of high grade bauxite. An Australian company with a number of tenements near these current bauxite mining operations is looking for a JV partner to help them develop bauxite mining operations.For more information contact us.

NickelLaterite01Investment opportunity in a Nickel, Cobalt and Iron ore mine

An Australian mining company is offering an investment and offtake opportunity in iron ore, nickel and cobalt production. The Mining Licence has already been granted; and all remaining government permits and plant design will be completed within six months. Iron ore production and export will begin in early 2015. For more information download our pdf brochure, 05 Investment in Mining Operation or contact us.